NBCGSS Election Nominees – October 2018

Please note that nominees’ biography statements have not been edited for grammar or spelling.

  1. Vice-President
  • Karen Church

Hello UNBC graduate students. My name is Karen Church, and I would like to ask that you consider voting for me to be the Vice President of your student society. I am a first year PhD student in the Natural Resources and Environmental Studies Interdisciplinary program. Working in an interdisciplinary research program is super challenging, but holds promise for a balanced approach to the application of humanities and natural sciences research in our challenging times. I am also a Canadian archaeologist, mother of two young women, and I have a background in indigenous liaison, consultation, and case law.

The research that I have proposed for my PhD will regard the lifeway of movement on the northern plateau of interior British Columbia, prior to the influence of settler societies. I have worked with this topic before, in my Master of Arts research, which culminated in a thesis entitled, ‘Inland Lifeways of Haida Gwaii 400-1700 CE, A Landscape Archaeological Study’, University of Calgary, 2015. My research was selected as the example of Canadian applied archaeology for the 2017 anthropology textbook, Cultural Anthropology: An Applied Perspective, by Ferraro, Andreatta, and Holdsworth. I have worked extensively as an archaeologist and heritage program manager on Haida Gwaii, and for two seasons, here on the plateau as well.

When I was a resident of Haida Gwaii, I studied xaad kil / northern Haida language with my Elders and other local students. Also during those years, I raised my two half-xaadaa daughters within the island culture. We still consider the island our home, even though, at this time, we do not live there. During those years on the islands, I sat as a Member, Director and Vice Chairperson on community boards in Masset and the Tow Hill Road Community. I created a consultation process for, researched, and wrote ‘k’yuuwaatl’aagee, The Haida Gwaii Trails

Strategy’, 2011. I developed a consultation process that created the Emergency Preparedness Plan for the Tow Hill Road Community, and sat on the Official Community Planning sub- committee. I also sat on the board of the Massett Eagles Swim Club for a few years. Finally, I was a member of the Gwaii Forest Society Board and the Graham Island Advisory Planning Commission. All of these roles were voluntary. I shall of course draw on these experiences in the role of Vice President of the Graduate Student Society. I am fluent in French at an intermediate level.

The issues that I intend to explore and hopefully impact are, 1.) graduate office space concerns (allocation of spaces and other concerns) 2.) the lack of appropriate funding for students who require registered therapies such physio and massage in the Graduate Student Medical Plan, 3.) I would also like to better understand why there are few significant scholarships available to assist graduate students to complete their studies at UNBC. Notably, other universities in Canada have significantly more funding for graduates. Students need these funds to be able to focus on their work, and it is appropriate to recognize graduate students in this way. I am not saying that I will resolve these issues, but I will seek to understand them, and hopefully move them forward.

Thank-you and haaw.aa for reading this and considering me for this position.

  • Sally Maeng

Hi everyone! I’m Sally, and I am running for NGCGSS’s Vice President.

Originally just outside of Vancouver, I am hanging around UNBC (or “The University” as the locals call it) to get a M.Sc. in Psychology. During my time here, I am striving to become a kickass social psychology researcher that can coordinate with various different industries to gather important data, carefully analyze them, and make important decisions. I am running for Vice President because I am a leader and a team player that can get work done while maintaining good vibes with different groups.

Our graduate society is diverse with an abundance of awesome people and dozens of different fascinating studies. Therefore, the Vice President should esteem learning new information and constructing creative solutions. This is exemplified in my thesis where I am currently inquiring environmental planning and business marketing models into my psychology degree. With an open mind, I enjoy exploring new perspectives and reflecting on how it incorporates into the big picture and benefits all the parties involved.

Next, it is important for the Vice President to enjoy his or her job and have the qualifications to serve the community in which he or she represents. I genuinely love getting involved in the community. While being in Prince George, I enjoy connecting with the University Farmer’s Market, the Northern Pride Center, UNBC’s Student Planning Association, and of course, my new officemates and lab team. In addition, I have a background in executive leadership which includes being President of the Undergraduate Student Psychology Initiative for multiple years and being the Head Coordinator for several events. I am confident I have the passion and ability to effectively represent our amazing, super smart, and really good-looking graduate community.

Being a graduate student can feel stressful and frustrating. I would love to do what I can to add ease into your time at UNBC by incorporating my passion and experience into serving you as the Vice President of NGCGSS.

2. Director of Student Affairs

  • Sahar Ebadzadsahraei

I am Sahar Ebadzadsahraei, born in Shiraz, an area known for its rich culture and the hospitality of its people. I have been raised in an open-minded and well-educated family. I am honest and reliable; a person who manages conflicts in a professional manner. I am inventive and persevering with imaginative thoughts, I take pride in my work, and guarantee timely completion of undertakings. I have an incredible sense of teamwork and devote to meeting group objectives and conveying the best nature of work.

I hold a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Industries. I’m doing my second Master’s degree at UNBC in Environmental Science and Natural Resource program.

I am an international student living in Canada to work intimately with the Graduate Student Society office to help, in light of my tendency to support the community international and domestic students. I strongly believe that helping others leaves one’s feeling rewarded and fulfilled. I am running for Director of Student Affairs, NBCGSS, so I can support my fellow domestic and International Graduates.

I have the ability and the information required and I realize that I am qualified for performing magnificently in this field. On the off chance that I elected, we have the arrangement to bring all the more energizing and different social, cultural and recreational occasions during your study, expanding your social network, having games night on weekend with other students, having more fun during the Winter and Christmas break and making your birthday special by linking it to the social events.

3. International Representative

  • Parima Sattari

My name is Parima Sattari. I was born on 25th of October 1992 in Tehran, Iran. Currently I am a graduate student in computer science at UNBC.

During my undergraduate and graduate studies, I was able to have some volunteer experiences and currently I am graduate representative for MCPMS graduate committee.

I would like to have a closer relationship with staff and students. So, I am interested to apply for the international representative position.

About my technical skills I could say that I am familiar with Microsoft office and web designing. My social skills are responsibility, hardworking, flexibility and cooperation.