UNBC’s Graduate Student Society is taking action to confront what some say is one of UNBC’s toughest challenges — a deskbound campus culture.

By organizing an event series, the Student Union intends to break its members out of their study silos and connect them to the greater campus community. So far, eight core volunteers have carried this inaugural event forward while balancing work and studies.

A number of gatherings that focus on career building and or casual socializing are scheduled January 31st to February 2nd. Additionally, the NBCGSS Student Week 2024 intends to guide some collective action towards improving student experience. Their advocacy involvement has been aided by the BC Federation of Students and they hope to carry on that work and more to improve the experience of both domestic and international students.

Rozanna Rosarydasan, Director of External Relations stresses that though Grad students are the target audience, Undergraduates, Admin, and Faculty are all welcome to attend.