When Covid-19 hit we tried to brainstorm ideas on how to connect the graduate community with their institution while also staying safe! This meant that we needed to lean on social media and other online platforms to bring entertaining and informative media straight to your work-from-home work space. Thus, the Behind the Plexiglass Video Series was born!

Behind the Plexiglass with Dara from the PGPIRG

For our first interview we spoke with Dara Campbell, the Executive Director of the Prince George Public Interest Research Group. She told us all about herself, the PIRG and the Good Food Store located on campus!


Behind the Plexiglass With Barry from the Copy and Print Center

Next, we went behind the plexiglass with a UNBC fan favourite– Barry from the Copy and Print Center! This video was very popular due to Barry’s positive attitude and words of encouragement throughout the global pandemic!


Behind the Plexiglass with Ian- Station Manager at CFUR

A large goal of this video series was to spread awareness of services that are available to grad students on the UNBC campus. CFUR Radio is definitely one of those great services!


Behind the Plexiglass with Yazan- Food Service Director at Dana Hospitality

In 2020, UNBC switched its food service provider to Dana Hospitality, bringing with them a new Food Services Director- Yazan Kanaan! Yazan explained that he is working hard to ensure that students are excited about the food at UNBC! It was a pleasure to interview him and learn about his professionally story!


Behind the Plexiglass with Rebeccas from the Wellness Center!

Something that us students are always grateful for are the amazing counsellors at the UNBC Wellness Center! Rebecca gave us some great advice on how to navigate our graduate degrees as well as the pandemic!


Behind the Plexiglass with Maria from the Career Center

A very important resource at UNBC is the career centre. Not only can they connect you to future employers but the career centre can also help you figure out the path you want to take in your professional life!


Behind the Plexiglass with Danika- the UNBC Energy Manager

Did you know that UNBC is Canada’s Green University? That’s why we employ Danika, the UNBC Energy Manager, to ensure that we are as environmentally friendly as possible!


Behind the Plexiglass with Fiona, the Residence Life Coordinator

At UNBC we are so fortunate to have such a beautiful campus. So beautiful it can make you want to live there! Housing services and Residence Life ensures that you are as comfortable as possible while staying at UNCB’s residence housing.


Behind the Plexiglass with Bjorn from the Office for International Students

UNBC has quite a large population of international students which only contributes to an enriched experience on campus! Covid-19, however, has brought to light all of the challenges that International Students face while studying abroad. The Office for International Students works to support International Students while navigating these challenges!


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